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At FIT:30, we are committed to the committed.

Our goal is to inspire, push and motivate anyone who has come to terms with the necessary work it takes to attain the life and body they envision. If you’re ready, we’re here for you.

We believe in individualized, progressive, and functional training. It’s our mission to make you a better, more confident, energetic and efficient you.

The FIT:30 community invites and develops people who embrace hard work and find inspiration from the results that come from it. If you want change and are ready to work for it, you’ve found your fitness solution.


"The Best Gym"

This is the best gym that I have ever gone to. I am in the best shape of my life (even better than my collegiate athlete days) and it is all because of Mark and his amazing team at FIT:30. Every day the work outs are unique and challenging. If you lack motivation and have specific goals like I do, they will give you all of the tools you need to accomplish them and all you have to do is show up and work hard.

Cathryn Gregson, Member since 2014


"Inspiration and variety"

"As the daughter of a bodybuilder, I have worked out in many gyms, but none of the gyms have given me the inspiration and variety that FIT:30 has. Mark and the rest of the staff have made me feel like a part of the FIT:30 family and have created the perfect atmosphere for motivation and consistency. I am addicted and look forward to every workout!"

Tosca Baroth, Member since 2017


"Motivational and caring"

"Mark and his team are caring and motivational. It's like I have a one-on-one workout experience every time I go for a workout. At 47, I feel stronger than I ever have lost and kept off 20 pounds for a year and a half! Thanks FIT:30!"

Glen Worthing, Member since 2016


"Invested in my fitness"

"Mark and his staff are exceptional. Every day is a new workout and a new challenge. I like the tight knit community at the gym and feel like all of the trainers are invested in my fitness."

Chris Murdy, Member since 2014


"No place I'd rather be"

"FIT:30 is not just a gym, but a community of hilarious, supportive individuals working out alongside one another. Mark's diverse and challenging workouts take care of the planning and push me to work harder every day. There's no place I'd rather be at 6 am!"

Kelsey Johnson, Member since 2015


"best shape of my life."

"FIT:30 has been amazing for my physical improvement. The combination of strength training and cardio conditioning has put me in the best shape of my life."

Cole Dunlop, Member since 2016