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Owner, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Head Trainer

Simply put, I created FIT:30 to help people perform better, feel better and BE better in all aspects of life. With that in mind, I sought to create a gym and a program that is designed to be challenging but doable for anyone and everyone. Yes - you will sweat and yes - it will be hard, but after a few weeks of seeing your body respond, most crave the challenge and never look back.

Fitness Philosophy: "Commit to be Fit. In all my years training, one thing has become crystal clear - RESULTS come to those who WORK. Exercise consistently and with intensity, and good things will happen to your body and for your health."


Bachelors of Science from Lindenwood University with a double minor in Strength & Conditioning + Nutrition

Hannah loves sharing her excitement for exercise at FIT:30. Her previous 10 years as a competitive synchronized swimmer helped forge her passion for hard work, determination and teamwork. To stay active, she loves resistance training, paddle boarding, hiking and likes to challenge herself with both obstacle courses and half marathons.

* Retired Collegiate Synchronized Swimmer & NATIONAL CHAMPION (Lindenwood University)

Fitness Philosophy: "Be STRONGER than your EXCUSES."


Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, & Functional range conditioning mobility specialist (FRCMS)

Will has a passion for all things related to the human body. He soaks up all the knowledge he can related to movement and applies what he learns to both his clients and himself. His unique approach to training comes from his experience in various training methods such as strength training, gymnastics and body weight training, yoga, mobility work, and injury rehab.

Fitness Philosophy: "Move as much as you can and your will allow. No matter if it's walking, lifting, flipping, climbing or dancing, just move. Why? Because you can, and when you can't, you'll wish you had."


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About FIT:30

FIT:30 is a privately owned gym and fitness center in Englewood. We offer private coaching, group fitness classes, and membership packages, specializing in total body workouts. Our unique approach and personal commitment to our clients’ goals make us a perfect choice for anyone who wants to improve their life through a healthy, fun, and functional approach to fitness.